Warehouse - Zagyvarékas


Warehouse 12m x 42m x 6m

Place of fulfillment: Zagyvarékas

Completed works:

  • Complete substructure works 
  • Manufacturing of steel support structure for hall
  • Surface treatment of the hall's steel support structure
  • Installation of the hall's steel support structure on site
  • Placement of Z beams in the plane of the roof and sides
  • Placement of roof panel in the roof plane
  • Placement of side panel in the side plane
  • Manufacturing suspended steel framed sliding doors and installation on site
  • Forming of the receiving structure of sectional industrial gates (2pcs.) 
  • Forming the place of plastic windows and their installation
  • Making the ridge cover of the hall with bent cone sheet and profile sponge
  • Installation of hanging gutter and drain gutter system
  • Other tinsmith (hemming) works